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Fantastic, life changing service! Edel is very professional, warm and passionate about what she does. I feel much stronger now. The knowledge she gives will stay with you on how to properly exercise including the whole core of your body including pelvic floor. I thought I knew, I thought I got this all explained and I thought I used my muscles correctly but once I got shown how to do it properly, I realised I knew nothing... Thanks a mil for the work you do!!!"

Alina, Edinburgh

Edel worked wonders on me! It hadn't even crossed my mind that the tightness that appeared on the left side of my body after I gave birth to my son could be fixed. I just assumed that discomfort was part and parcel of having a baby and caring for him. It isn't! I have full movement and I feel like my body is my own again.

Jenny, Edinburgh

I was introduced to Edel and the Mummy MOT through my husband, who is an athlete and has been a patient of Edel's for years. I was really affected by my birth - in ways I didn't expect. I thought my body would cope well with pregnancy and labour but I had a lot of issues, including damage to my pelvic floor and pelvic pain. I was honestly terrified at the thought of having another baby, until I had the Mummy MOT and we discovered that it was a really simple fix. I'm honestly so grateful to Edel for giving me my body AND my confidence back. 

Alison, Fife

Having had my two boys very close together, I was in desperate need of Edel and the amazing service she provides at Physiomummy Edinburgh. In a short period of time working with her I have seen massive improvements in my pelvic floor, recovery of split abdominal muscles, and have lost the mummy flab. She has also helped to ease long-term neck pain with her magic fingers! I cannot recommend her enough. She is highly trained, knowledgeable, supportive and so down to earth and personable. This is a must for any new mummy looking to get their body back. Thank you Edel x  

Rona, Edinburgh

I regularly use physios but when I moved to Edinburgh I didn't know who to turn to. A friend recommended Physiomummy Edinburgh and I'm so glad they did. I was so impressed with the Mummy MOT - it's a great way of identifying exactly what is needed after you have a baby and I found it really helpful. What's more, Edel specialises in both women's health as well as sports physio, so she's fixed me on both fronts!

Kate, Edinburgh

  What Edel offers with Physiomummy Edinburgh is absolutely crucial for all mummies post birth. Seven months after having my wee boy I didn't appreciate what I needed to do to completely heal my abdominal muscles and strengthen my pelvic floor. Edel provides a service that is so lacking in the NHS and she not only gave me the knowledge and determination to start getting my body back, but she also highlighted the need to start taking care of myself, something it's so easy to forget in the early days of motherhood. Thanks to Edel's support I should be back to running in no time, something that didn't seem possible a short time ago. I'm also fitting back into old clothes...yay! Thank you Physiomummy Edinburgh!


Kylie, Edinburgh

The expertise, support and person-centred care and attention from Edel, has helped me practically and emotionally to believe in my own body's ability to get better for the first time in years. I was able to trust Edel's advice and the exercise programme rather than worry I was going to make things worse.


Maria, Edinburgh

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