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One Mum and a Mummy MOT®

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

Physiomummy Edinburgh offers a Mummy MOT® service, which is a comprehensive post-natal physiotherapy check for mums. Most women after childbirth and pregnancy have weakness in either their tummy or pelvic floor, which create instability around the pelvic area and poor core strength, if left untreated this can cause back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and/or bowel weakness.

The Mummy MOT® assesses mums abdominal and pelvic area, as well as evaluating any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth. Following completion of the assessment a specific recovery programme is devised especially for you, to ensure optimal post natal recovery.

We asked a mum of two kids (4 & 2 year olds) to share her experience of the Mummy MOT®. This is her review...

I was never happy with my post baby body and I thought I had to accept that the ‘mum tum’ was here to stay and it wouldn't really matter if I couldn’t jump on a trampoline without wetting myself?

Mums just joke about these things and how they are part of having had a baby. So I assumed it was all normal!

I went to see Edel McCann @ Physiomummy Edinburgh after being recommend by a friend. I was suffering from pelvic pain after the birth of my second child and what I thought was a tummy gap (diastasis recti) and just felt disconnected and weak in my pelvic floor and core. Id been going to the gym a few times per week and I just didn't seem to be making any progress despite my efforts.

After having the Mummy MOT® I soon learnt that the issues I had been living with and accepting where common but not normal and they could be fixed!

Edel asked me lots of questions about the delivery of my big babies both 8lb 6oz & 8lb 7oz respectively and listened carefully to my answers. She then assessed my posture and mobility and watched me squat and lunge, as I did this she was able to tell me that the pain in my pelvis could have been coming from muscle imbalance and weakness in my hips and pelvic area.

I was reassured that I didn't have a tummy gap after all and that the tummy was healing well and would continue to improve with the right exercises/ some self massage and continuing to work on my nutrition.

Next came a pelvic floor check- this was an optional part of the assessment. This was a little awkward initially but Edel was very reassuring and put my mind at rest, and I thought..

If having my pelvic floor checked means a life free of little accidents and Tena ladies, then I’ll take it!

Edel talked me through the correct way to properly activate my pelvic floor and with practice I got a little better, but she concluded that my pelvic floor was still a little weak and advised me my recovery programme would involve daily pelvic floor exercises and she also advised me to buy a simple £10.00 device called a Pelvic Health Educator to help me assess my technique and monitor my progress, I saw a big improvement within a few weeks of using my educator and practicing the pelvic floor exercises.

I've been back to see Edel since for further work on my tight hamstrings and I am actively participating in an exercise programme for my core and pelvic floor. I feel positive I can have as close to my pre- baby body back and hey my pelvic floor will probably be stronger than its ever been now I know how to do the exercises properly rather than just guessing.

Mummy MOT® should be part of antenatal care for all mums, and after having it myself, I consider it essential. I have realised that with some exercise and support I can be me again.

I’ve told all my mummy friends to get a Mummy MOT® and anyone who makes jokes about my pelvic floor after two big babies is politely reminded that babies and weak pelvic floors DO NOT have to go hand in hand.

I think having a Mummy MOT® can help remove the stigma surrounded some of the issues after having babes and hopefully women will start talking more and realising they don’t have to accept their post- baby bodies issues as 'normal' anymore and that you can always make improvements. It was the best thing I've done for myself and I would highly recommend it to all mums! xx

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