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Pelvic floor and Core rehab but not as you know it!


This unique 6 week group class is lead by Chartered Physiotherapist & Holistic Core Restore® Coach Edel McCann


If your Pelvic Floor is not as reliable as it once was, if you feel that your core could be stronger to help you live a fit and active life, if you want to get back to running, jumping and sneezing with confidence,

then this programme can help !


This programme is dedicated to helping every woman improve their pelvic floor and core strength and achieve full function of their whole body, at any  phase of their lives!

This programme is for YOU, if you are...

·         Post natal

·         Experiencing pelvic floor leaking

·         Suffering from back pain due to a weak "core"

·         Fed up with your unrelenting mummy tummy 

·         Wanting to heal your diastasis recti  (abdominal separation)

·         A runner or amateur athlete with pelvic floor leaking 

·         Pregnant 

·         Peri -to post menopausal & beyond 

·         Recovering from surgery (gynaecology or abdominal surgery)

·         Suffering from mild to moderate prolapse  (pelvic organ prolapse)

·         Even if you have NEVER had a baby and are experiencing any of the above issues, THIS COURSE CAN HELP!

* There are a maximum of 10 places on each course, so if you truly feel this programme is for you, please don't delay in getting in touch for more information or simply sign up below*



This Pelvic Floor and Core Rehab course that GETS RESULTS! 

Read what other women who have been through the course have achieved...

"Fantastic, life changing service! Edel is very professional, warm and passionate about what she does. I feel much stronger now. The knowledge she gives will stay with you on how to properly exercise including the whole core of your body including pelvic floor. I thought I knew, I thought I got this all explained and I thought I used my muscles correctly but once I got shown how to do it properly, I realised I knew nothing... Thanks a mil for the work you do!!!"

"Having been previously diagnosed with a pelvic organ prolapse (rectocele) and advised there was little prospect of improvement, the programme has been life changing. I have gained substantial improvement in the strength of my pelvic floor, I have taken on the nutritional advice which has lead to a marked difference in energy levels, PMT symptoms and easier daily bowel movements resulting in reduction of my moderate pelvic organ prolapse symptoms. I have also lost weight as a by product of above. I now have hope and a more positive attitude that I can make things better- in the past I have felt hopeless"


"The course has been great, I have a better understanding of how the pelvic floor is crucial to the function of my whole body. My stomach has become more toned and my stomach split has gone from 2.5 fingers wide to 1 finger wide in 6 weeks, Edel was very relatable, she has gone through the processes and explains the benefit of each exercise. I wish I could carry it on as a weekly class".

"Having had my two boys very close together, I was in desperate need of Edel and the amazing service she provides at Physiomummy Edinburgh. In a short period of time working with her I have seen massive improvements in my pelvic floor, recovery of split abdominal muscles, and have lost the mummy flab. I cannot recommend her enough. She is highly trained, knowledgeable, supportive and so down to earth and personable. This is a must for any new mummy looking to get their body back. Thank you Edel".

"What Edel offers with Physiomummy Edinburgh is absolutely crucial for all mummies post birth. Seven months after having my wee boy I didn't appreciate what I needed to do to completely heal my abdominal muscles and strengthen my pelvic floor. Edel provides a service that is so lacking in the NHS and she not only gave me the knowledge and determination to start getting my body back, but she also highlighted the need to start taking care of myself, something it's so easy to forget in the early days of motherhood. Thanks to Edel's support I should be back to running in no time, something that didn't seem possible a short time ago. I'm also fitting back into old clothes...yay! Thank you Physiomummy Edinburgh"




What is included in the course? 

  • 6 x weekly 1 hour sessions

  • Lifetime access to the online HCR® portal with homework exercises 

  • Nutritional information

  • Meditation & self care strategies 

  • Your homework exercise equipment kit to keep and take home

  • A wealth of knowledge and support from a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist and Women's Health and Wellness practitioner

Details of next course coming soon.


To sign up to this course, please get in touch with any questions or concerns, you can then make a payment of £149 via the PayPal link above.

What happens after I pay?

Once your payment has been made, please fill out your pre-screening questionnaire via this link - and select 'Edel McCann' when prompted to name your coach. This is to ensure that this exercise-based programme is right for you and to get a better idea of your individual needs.


Edel will then be in touch to discuss the Pre-Screening and arrange to go through a few simple tests for your core function so that we know where you are on your health journey and so that the programme can truly be tailored to your needs before we begin the group sessions (this additional time is included within your fee).

*Physiomummyedinburgh also offers this course as part of a small group of women or one to one.

Get in touch for more information or help with booking.

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