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Recovery from a C-Section is challenging for many women and a deeper approach is required to ensure that your body heals from the INSIDE OUT!


At Physiomummy we carry out a in-depth hands on assessment of your core strength, your pelvic floor and your  functional movement post C-Section. We then prescribe a programme of treatment tailored to your individual needs, this will involve hands on massage, nutrition advice, scar tissue release, postural re-alignment and core restoring exercises all of which will help you heal optimally.

Some women who have had a C-Section simply need more help to heal. Physiomummy is expertly trained as a Chartered Physiotherapist and is able to offer you additional support and exercise via the Holistic Core Restore®  C-Section Programme, to assist you in your return to fully functional abdominals!

In the UK nearly 1/4 of births are via C-Section


...and many more women experience the procedure throughout their lives for other gynaecological procedures yet there is no real guidance offered on how to recover fully from such a major procedure and successfully strengthen your core never mind deal with the soft-tissue issues (adhesions and scar tissue) that arise from these types of procedures


After C-Section, Physiomummy can help you..

  • Improve your tummy and pelvic floor strength

  • Improve your tummy's appearance

  • Reduce pain and sensitivity in your scar tissue

  • Release tightness in your scar tissue

  • Improve your back pain

  • Improve your bowel movements

  • Improver your overall health

Physiomummy can Help You Recover, whether your surgery was 6 weeks ago or 6 decades ago!

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