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Holistic Core Restore® Bump is a pregnancy exercise programme offered by Physiomummy that helps you prepare your Core, Pelvic Floor and overall health for pregnancy and birth, while ensuring you stay functionally fit throughout the trimesters.

This safe, supportive exercise regime will empower you and help you to better understand the role of your pelvic floor and core in relation to your whole body during Pregnancy and your Post-Natal recovery. It will help keep you strong, mobile and pain-free during pregnancy.

If you have experienced the odd leaky incident during your pregnancy then Physiomummy can help you take control!

What does this programme include?

  • Muscle releases/ mobilisations to keep you moving pain -free

  • 'Functional training' to improve your strength and keep you strong for labour and your post natal recovery

  • Core and Pelvic Floor exercises 

  • Pelvic mobilisation and a range of specific mobility exercises to prepare you for birth and encourage a shorter labour

  • Breathing and simple relaxation strategies

  • Education about the early Post Natal period – the 4th Trimester – to ensure that you have your early day support system in place before the baby comes


*Physiomummy offers this live or via Skype, and as part of a small group of women or 1-to-1

Get in’ll love it!

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